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Icon's previous website closed in August 2015. The most recent version (archived up to 2013) can be accessed here.  


Oxford Conservators’ Group Bibliographies

Dust Management, 2011
Bibliography in support of the Dust Management Forum for the Oxford Conservators’ Group on 28 July 2011.

Pest Management, 2011
Bibliography in support of the Pest Management Forum for the Oxford Conservators’ Group on 13 January 2011.

Chantry Library Topic Bibliographies

Artist's Pigments, 2014
Board Slotting, 2012
Iron Gall Ink, 2014
Picture Frames, 2011

Reading Lists 

National Trust Bibliography, May 2011 

Royal College of Art/Victoria & Albert Conservation Reading List 

Reading list for Recreating the Medieval Palette Workshop, 2011

Reading List for Parchment Analysis Workshop, 2012

Reading List for Conservation of Feathers, 2014 

Useful links

Art Conservation

AATA Online 
Abstracts of International Conservation Literature.  

Art Historicum 
A German-language (with English translation) record of art history publications.

Artstor is a non-profit which uses digital images and media to enhance scholarship and education.  

The Bibliographic Database of the Conservation Information Network. 

Bridgeman Arts 
Founded in 1972, Bridgeman Images works with museums, galleries, collections and artists to provide a central resource of fine art and archive footage for reproduction.

Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online (CAMEO) 
A wiki dedicated to art conservation and historic preservation. Developed by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

Getty Research Institute Vocabularies 
Getty vocabularies of art and architecture.

Pigments Through the Ages 
An introduction to pigments through history.

Visual Arts Data Service
VADS is an established and comprehensive resource for visual arts. Its archive includes 100,000 images that are freely available and copyright cleared for use in learning, teaching and research in the UK.

Conservation/heritage in general

Conservation Online
A freely accessible platform to generate and disseminate vital resources for those working to preserve cultural heritage worldwide., including the CondDistList.

Copac brings together the catalogues of around 90 major UK and Irish libraries, including the British Library and many university and specialist research libraries.

Heritage Portal 
A community hub and online resource for cultural heritage research.

International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property 

ICCROM is an intergovernmental organisation dedicated to the conservation of cultural heritage.

Access to more than 1,000 academic journals.

Museum of London 
E-learning and self-assessment tools for conservators.

National Trust Knowledge Bank 
An introduction to the National Trust’s conservation methods, collection guides and bibliography.

Serials Union Catalogue 
SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK research community, delivered by Edinda on behalf of Jisc.

Monuments, sites & landscapes

ICOMOS Open Archive 
A global archive specialising in the conservation and restoration of monuments, sites and landscapes.


Image Permanence Institute 
Scientific research in the preservation of visual and other forms of recorded information

A free chemical structure database providing access to over 34m structures, properties, and associated information.  ChemSpider is owned by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Code of Ethics 

Conservation Online ethical issues in conservation 

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora 

DCMS Cultural Property Prevention of Illicit Trade 

International Council of Museums (ICOM) Code of Ethics 

IUCN Red List 

UK Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (UKIC) Code of Ethics 

Victoria & Albert Museum Ethics Checklist

chantry-library.jpgThe Chantry Library

Until 2014, Icon’s Chantry Library was the home of conservation research and information in the UK. 

The Chantry Library began as the library of the Institute of Paper Conservation (IPC). Initially based at the India Office, it moved to the conservation department of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford until being moved to storage during refurbishment. It was then housed in Grove Cottage, with the help of the Oxford Conservation Consortium and a bequest from Judith’s mother, Bobby Chantry. Its development was overseen by librarian and conservator Judith Chantry, who sadly died in 1999.

The library closed in 2014, but its archives are catalogued by the University of Oxford.