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A key objective of Icon’s advocacy and policy work is to make our knowledge, research and expertise accessible to a wide range of actors.

Through our briefings, policy responses and factsheets we aim for target audiences to understand our ideas, be convinced by them and ultimately make them their own and act on these ideas.


Icon publishes briefings to outline our position or response to an issue. We use them to support and communicate advocacy campaigns with the intention of engaging and persuading informed, non-specialist audiences such as politicians, NGO advocates, civil servants and journalists.

We share briefings across our social media feeds and distribute them to stakeholders. We invite third parties to use the briefings in news stories or for general information and hope they will inspire members’ own advocacy activities.

Policy responses

Government departments and organisations use consultations to ask for advice from a wider group. Consultations are vital for the development of well-informed policies.

Icon consequently responds to consultations on legislation, policy, guidance and strategies affecting our sector. Our responses are written with input from the Policy Advisory Panel, Trustees, Groups and individual members to ensure that the voice and expertise of the conservation profession is heard.

Fact sheets

We aim to translate what cultural heritage conservation means for us in our everyday lives as individuals, communities and a society. While we know what a conservator does or what ACR stands for (Accredited Conservator-Restorer), we recognise this might not be apparent to everyone.

We’re consequently putting together practical, plain language factsheets, which outline some of our key messages.

2019 Responses, Statements and Letters