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Icon’s Impact

Conservators, collections managers and heritage scientists protect and preserve our shared cultural heritage, caring for a broad spectrum of objects from cherished family heirlooms to national treasures.

The practice of conservation encompasses artworks, architecture, and archaeology as well as industrial, natural and social history collections whether they are held by museums, heritage organisations or other private or public collectors. Icon’s vision is for our shared cultural heritage to be valued and accessible and for its future to be enhanced and safeguarded by excellence in conservation.

To help us achieve this vision our Board of Trustees published their Strategy 2017-21. This strategy explains the aims and objectives which give purpose to our work. It sets a strong direction that helps us to focus on the key areas of activity that will deliver impact; it also enables us to respond to the challenges and opportunities that arise.

The Strategy sets out three key strands of activity against which we measure our success each year:

Advocacy: through influencing our partners and the public.
Excellence: through building knowledge, high standards and valuing the profession
Engagement: through encouraging public awareness and participation

You can read about our achievements in our Trustees’ Annual Reports:

Trustees' Annual Report 31 March 2018
Trustees' Annual Report 31 March 2017
Trustees' Annual Report 31 March 2016

For recent achievements, you can follow our impact case studies in our News section. These case studies are a snapshot of some of the projects, activities and initiatives that Icon undertakes:

Impact case studies


Header image: Creative Commons, Pixabay