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Icon Members

What it means to be an Icon Member

All Icon members are bound to abide by Icon’s Professional Standards and Code of Conduct.

Membership types

Accredited members are those who have been assessed and reviewed by a panel of their Accredited peers, and are subject to regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) recall, when their CPD reviews are judged, again by their Accredited peers. In this way the Institute of Conservation can actively verify that they are staying up to date with the latest approaches and technical advances in the sector.  Accredited members are entitled to use the post-nominal letters 'ACR'.

Associate members are usually professional conservators, and from this category, Icon members can apply for their Accreditation. Some Associate members have also registered on the PACR Pathway, which provides specialist mentoring and support as they ready themselves for assessment by their Accredited peers; this is indicated on their membership cards where applicable. 

Student members are those who are enrolled on a course, or working an entry-level internship. Student members cannot apply for Accreditation, nor participate in the PACR Pathway, until they become Associate members.

Supporters are not professional conservators, but are those excited about conservation and keen to engage with the sector. Supporters receive Icon’s publications (except Journal of the Institute of Conservation) and are invited to some events, but are not eligible to partake in Icon’s professional development support. 


Professional Standards and Code of Conduct

Icon’s Professional Standards and Code of Conduct set out what is expected of a Member of the Institute. The Professional Standards guide professional practice, and an explanation of what this means is available here.  Alongside this, the Code of Conduct stipulates what constitutes professional behaviour. In situations where there is a dispute, the Code allows both parties to see clearly whether the principles of the Code have been met or not.

In the event of a dispute, Icon’s Complaints Procedure was established to resolve any complaint against a Member of the Institute.