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Icon Networks

Icon’s networks provide the means for members to come together to consider cross-disciplinary topics, or to progress short-term or long-term objectives focusing on issues not currently undertaken by Icon's special interest groups.

There are currently eight Icon networks:

  • Icon Contemporary Art Network
  • Icon Conservation Higher Education Institutions Network
  • Icon Documentation Network
  • Icon Dynamic Objects Network
  • Icon Emerging Professionals Network
  • Icon Environment Sustainability Network
  • Icon Modern Materials Network
  • Icon Northern Ireland Network

Members seeking to set to set up a new Network should read through the Guidelines below, and follow the instructions provided. All prospective Icon Networks are subject to ratification by Icon’s Board of Trustees. Once approved Networks gain formal recognition within Icon and can apply for funding to support events and other costs. Networks can also use Icon’s internal communication systems to raise awareness of their topic among members and non-members alike.

What is a Network?

  • Cross-specialist
  • Outreach and engagement oriented
  • Committee of two or more Icon members: Proposer and Seconder
  • Set objectives allied to Icon’s strategic plan
  • Focus on an area outside Icon’s current core activities
  • Can be fixed-term
  • Subject to ratification by Icon’s Board of Trustees

What is required?

  • A Chair
  • A second Committee member, of some description
  • Membership Manager to act as Treasurer
  • Publicity, working with the Membership Manager
  • In the case of funding applications, a budget plan
  • In the case of event fees, Member and non-member rates based on the provision of Icon membership cards

What can then be accessed?

  • Status within Icon
  • Opportunities to engage Icon members and potential members
  • Communications with the membership
  • Potential funding for events and Committee expenses (in line with Icon’s established policies)
  • Website space
  • Admin support
  • Publicity

What is excluded?

  • Cannot be used for groups of members to apply for funding to attend non-Icon events of any description
  • Cannot be used for groups of members to advance commercial interests, for example to stage a conference promoting a private organisation
  • Cannot be used for groups of members to go on conservation-related study trips​

How to enact an Icon Network

Required forms

Image: Delegates at Icon Conference 2016; Bianca Harvey