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At present there are two stages to the accreditation application process, as well as deadlines and fees to consider.

Please note that following membership renewals in April 2020, the Stage One application form and associated fees will be removed and we will be switching to a new system where applicants become members of the new Pathway membership category in order to apply. If you intend to apply later than the 2020 Round 1 dates below, please click here for details of the Pathway category which you can join when it becomes live. 

For those members who will be submitting their Stage One applications in January 2020, the Stage One fee remains, however it has been agreed that the Stage Two fee will be reduced to £500 (from £600) in recognition of the new fee structure which is being introduced, 


Stage One: 

The Stage One Application is there to confirm an intent to apply for Accreditation and to indicate when the Stage Two application form is submitted. This is to ensure that the appropriate assessors and AC members are available to assess each application fairly in respect of the applicant’s specialism.  

There are two windows this year to submit an application. 

  • For Stage One Application, in January (after this Stage One will no longer apply and candidates will need to join the new Pathway membership category instead) 
  • For Stage Two Application, in March and October 

Stage One will indicate in which application round Stage Two will be submitted. 

The Stage One Application form must be submitted to along with a PayPal payment reference or a Purchase Order for the Stage One application fees. 

Please note: Stage One Application Deferrals: If a completed application form (Stage Two) is not received by the prescribed deadline, the registration fee will be automatically deferred to the following round. Only one deferral is permitted except for mitigating circumstances. 


Stage Two:

The Stage Two Application is the main document for the Accreditation assessment process and should be submitted according to the application round stated in the Stage One Application. This form will require a range of projects to be presented and that demonstrate the professional standards in conservation and in Judgement and Ethics at the ‘proficient’ level. Further details about the process are available in the Accreditation Handbook. Example applications along with the application form are all available at the bottom of this page.

Following the submission of a Stage Two Application, the Accreditation Committee will review the application and advise on whether further amendments are required to the application prior to an assessment taking place. If an applicant does not go forward for an assessment the fee can be held on account for a further submission or refunded. 

The Stage Two Application form must be submitted by the deadline specified to Before the form is submitted payment is required via the payment tab on the website, alternatively you must submit a PO along with the application. If you have any issues, please call the Icon office on 020 3142 6799. NB: Your application will not be assessed by the Accreditation Committee if your application fee has not been paid.



There are two deadlines each year, the next round deadlines are:

2020, Round 1

  • 13th January 2020 – Stage 1 Application Deadline
  • 16th March 2020 – Stage 2 Application Deadline
  • Round 1 Assessment Window: May 2020 to September 2020 

2020, Round 2

  • There will be no Stage 1 deadline for this round, applicants must instead be members of the new Pathway membership category
  • 5th October 2020 – Stage 2 Application Deadline
  • Round 2 Assessment Window: December 2020 to April 2021



A non-refundable registration fee of £250 is paid at time of submitting a completed Stage One Application Form. An assessment fee of £500 must be paid when submitting a completed Stage Two Application Form (this has been reduced from £600 to reflect the costs associated with the new Pathway membership category which will be available after April 2020). A refund will be given for this fee to those who do not proceed to assessment. 

Fees must be paid in advance of submitting the application. 



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