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Once the Icon Accreditation Application has been reviewed by the Accreditation Committee, the next stage is for the application to be assessed by two ACRs who will review the application and continue to verify the ‘proficient’ level of the candidate.

This is not an interview, but a peer review process and professional discussion will be based mainly around the application form projects.

Assessment day
Accreditation Committee


Assessment Day

The purpose of this stage is to verify, through professional discussion, the projects covered in the application form and any other work available that can be used to demonstrate the professional standards at the ‘proficient’ level with the opportunity to answer any questions the assessors have arising during the assessment day. The assessors need to fully understand the work and gauge how the professional standards are being met so that they can produce a formal report for the Accreditation Committee. 

It is very important to note that the assessors do not decide whether one should or should not be accredited. It is the Accreditation Committee which makes the final decision about whether an applicant has met the professional standards and should be given accredited status.


Assessors are all ACRs, and they have undergone specific training to carry out their role. Assessors will visit candidates in the workplace (or site, if required) to carry out their Apply for accreditation assessments.

There are two assessors identified for the candidate to approve. One is nominated from the same specialism as the candidate and another from a different specialism providing balance both in the conservation specialism and in the work context of public and private practice.

The assessment itself takes around five to six hours, following which the assessors prepare a report based on the day which is submitted to the Accreditation Committee. The candidate will receive a copy of the assessment summary around two weeks after the assessment day.

Accreditation Committee

The role of the Accreditation Committee (AC) is to review the application forms and consider the assessment reports in order to decide if the candidate should be awarded Accredited Conservator-Restorer (ACR) Status. In some cases, the assessment outcome is moderated.  

There are currently 17 members on the Accreditation Committee. The Committee meets twice a year and following detailed discussion provides feedback at each stage of the professional assessment process to the candidates.



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