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PACR Pathway

PACR Pathway

The PACR Pathway provides a supported route for conservators to become an Accredited Conservator-Restorer (ACR). It is free for all Associate members of Icon. 

Support through the Pathway includes:

  • A structured step by step framework detailing the actions you should be undertaking at each stage with resources to help you in doing this. 
  • The opportunity to work with a trained Icon Mentor, also an ACR, to help you identify your areas for development and to support you in preparing your application and preparing for assessment. 
  • The chance to attend the travelling PACR Clinics and Annual PACR Pathway event allowing you to ask any questions you have about the PACR process and to network with other conservators going through the process at the same time as you. 


How long does the PACR Pathway take?

It will depend upon what stage the Pathway member is in their career.  As a new graduate It may take around five years to complete, but it can be quicker, particularly if the amount of practical experience is gained and sufficient to meet the professional standards at the ‘proficient’ level.  

Please note that for members who have been on the Pathway for more than five years, proof of working towards accreditation will be required to remain on it.  

Apply for a Mentor

The Icon mentor scheme is designed to support any Icon member on the PACR Pathway working towards accreditation, the preparation of continuing professional development plans or wider professional development support. We have more than 80 mentors, to apply for a mentor please contact Icon’s Professional Development Officer Gina Murphy on