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Annual review

Annual review for Pathway members

The Pathway is designed to be a membership category in which members are able to verify that they are practicing conservators who are actively working towards accreditation, as such members must submit evidence on an annual basis. 

This check takes the form of an annual review in January each year. There are three options that members can choose from, each of which has been designed to directly support the member in becoming Accredited, either focusing on an element in the Accreditation application form, or a self-assessment to help them ensure they're ready to apply for accreditation. 

Pathway members will receive an email each year to remind them and to confirm the deadline by which submissions must be received. 

Pathway members can choose to submit one of the following documents. 

CPD review
Based on 'section 4' of the application form, the CPD review asks members to reflect on their practice and to identify areas for development over the next two years.
Click here to download the form >>>

Project write up 
The ‘Project write up’ is based on ‘Section 3’ of the Accreditation Application form. This should be a draft or final version of one of the projects you intend on including in your application form. 
Click here to download the form >>>

Reviewing your practice against the Professional Standards to help you consider what you need to do in order to be ready for assessment. Click here to download the form >>>



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