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11th North American Textile Conservation Conference

From: Monday 06.11.17
at 9:00am
To: Saturday 11.11.17
at 5:00pm

Mexico City, Mexico

Event description: 

The 11th biennial North American Textile Conservation Conference (NATCC) will be held in Mexico City and will focus on the theme of Embellished Fabrics: Conserving Surface Manipulation & Decoration.

The choice of the topic was inspired by the feather-work and embroidery of Mexico. Surfaces are manipulated during their initial fabrication, and by the later addition of surface pattern, utilitarian and decorative finishes and applied decorative elements. These embellishments are found on cloth, constructed garments, related accessories, upholstery and composite objects.

Topics will include:

  • The creation of pattern or design elements during fabrication (for example, loom-woven patterning, weavings with pile or looped patterning, lace and related knotted or twisted-yarn structures, or embedding electronics into surfaces)
  • Additions to a foundation fabric by dyeing, painting and printing processes, or finishes applied in order to modify functionality, such as water- and abrasion-resistance, or light reflectance
  • Additions to a foundation fabric such as embroidery, feather-work, passementerie, sequins, beads, and buttons
  • Removing/cutting of a foundation fabric, for instance cut and drawn work, laser patterning, pinking, and slashing
  • Manipulation of the plane of the foundation fabric using techniques like pleating, tucking, seaming, and texturing

Conservators, curators, conservation scientists, art historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, collection managers, designers, and others engaged with these topics are invited to attend.  


Please visit the NATC Conference website for details. 

Image: CC BY-SA 3.0