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9th International Conservation Conference

The National Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry

From: Wednesday 07.10.20
at 9:00am
To: Friday 09.10.20
at 5:00pm

National Museum of Agriculture and Agri-Food Industry in Szreniawa

ul. Dworcowa 5

62-052 Bailiffs


500zł Polish Zloty (includes accom.)

300zł Polish Zloty (no accom.)

Event type: 

The Szreniaw Conferences are intended to exchange views and develop museum tasks like preserving the heritage of various areas of the past, both material and immaterial. Each object of the past requires an individual approach to conservation, and its system care is the task of the entire environment. 

Event description: 

Conservation, being the museum's basic task (inscribed directly in the identity of this type of institution), is still, however, treated selectively and individually. Meetings of representatives of the employees of the museum and collections protection sector, the environment of private conservators, representatives of management boards and museum organizers, science workers and museum experts, held regularly every two years, have become a permanent platform for multi-threaded conversation and exchange of experience. This gives you the opportunity to view substantive issues from different angles, promotes a trans-disciplinary look, and gives you the opportunity to get to know each other, integrate cooperation between various institutions and communities to preserve cultural heritage.

All previous conservation conferences on an international scale took place at the Museum in Szreniawa; 60 to 100 people participated in each of them.

The meeting is organised into four themes:

1. Organization and management of conservation in museums

2. Conservation issues related to objects made of organic matter

3. Conservation issues of objects exposed in the open air

4. Differences between static and dynamic exposure in relation to technical monuments

Conference fee (two possibilities):

500 PLN / person - includes two nights (7/8/10/2020 and 8/9/10/2020) in double rooms, meals and conference materials (including the conference program and summaries of speeches).
300 PLN / person - includes meals and conference materials (containing the conference program and summaries of speeches), does not include accommodation

The fee should be paid to the organizer's bank account, i.e. 61 1500 1621 1216 2001 1107 0000

title: "Conservation Conference", name of the participant

Important Dates:

15.05.2020 - the deadline for sending submissions of topics for papers / messages together with a summary in Polish
30.06.2020 - the deadline for sending the full text of the presentation in English
31.08.2020 - the deadline for sending applications to participate in the conference
30/09/2020 - deadline for submitting presentations (preferred form of presentation - Power Point)
30/09/2020 - deadline for paying the conference fee

Due to the preparation of the conference publication this year, please comply with the deadlines given above.

Accommodation: Hotel Delicjusz, Trzebaw, street Poznanska 1, 62-060 Stęszew // tel .: 61 8 108 108, e-mail: