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A Bed of Roses: Royal or Revival? The Case of an Antique Bed

Icon Historic Interiors Group

From: Monday 21.01.19
at 9:30am
To: Monday 21.01.19
at 5:30pm

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road


London SW7 2RL


In 2010 a dismantled antique four-poster bed was left for collection in a car park in Chester. It was later sold at auction as a 'profusely carved Victorian four poster bed with armorial sheilds'. However, its now owner thought the oak looked much older and was impressed by the quality of the carving. He then embarked on an exploration of the object's past, employing an unusually broad array of archaeological, forensic and art historic analyses which produced startlingly variable, and sometimes contradictory, research findings - even from the same methodology.

When all of the evidence is collated what can we conclude - is it a fifteenth century royal bed, or a revival from the age of antiquarianism?

Event description: 

The One Day Symposium will provide an opportunity for all the specialists who have conducted research on the four-poster bed to present their findings. (Programme and speakers TBC) 

The bed will be on display in the Lecture Theatre and accessible to delegates for close inspection.

Join the Historic Interiors Group for a fascinating and enlightening debate about this most curious of objects.