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Annual General Meeting & musical instruments lecture

Furniture & Wooden Objeects Group

From: Friday 27.09.19
at 6:00pm
To: Friday 27.09.19
at 9:00pm

The William Morris Society, 26 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London W6 9TA 





This year we are delighted to have musical instruments conservator Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet giving a talk related to the recent opening of St Cecilia’s Hall: Concert Room and Music Museum in Edinburgh, and his experiences of conserving a working collection. The AGM and drinks will follow the lecture.

To secure your free place, please RSVP by emailing

All are welcome!

Event description: 

The AGM will involve the committee briefly providing reports for the previous year. Any prospective committee members will then be voted into post by those present. The furniture and wood group would like to fill the following posts on the committee:

• Events officer
• Student representative
• Social media officer
• Ordinary members

Both primary and secondary Group members can vote on resolutions.

Any member wishing to run for a position on the committee or to make a resolution for discussion at the AGM must be seconded by another member and have contacted the Secretary by the Friday 27th of September.




1. Chairs' report.
2. Treasurer's report.
3. Re/election of committee members.
4. Any other business.