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Art Handling, Disaster Planning and Salvage

From: Monday 19.02.18
at 6:00pm
To: Thursday 22.02.18
at 4:00pm

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation, West Sussex


Fee:  £453


Event description: 

This new course brings together the principles of art handling, disaster planning and salvage.
The first day will be devoted to art handling and this part of the course will discuss:

  • Best practice and measures that can be taken in preparation for salvaging artworks in the event of a disaster, to ensure their safe removal
  • Emergency planning documentation as part of this process will be covered, as well as the set-up of safe areas for conservation work
  • Equipment and material requirements, identifying artworks most at risk, training and organisation of teams and related health and safety issues. 
  • The disaster planning days of the course will cover:
  • The appropriate response to minor incidents - escape of water situations
  • How to organise response to major incidents 
  • Roles, responsibilities and supplementary information. 
  • Salvage decision-making and techniques