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Cake and mistake session

Professional Development

From: Monday 01.03.21
at 3:00pm
To: Monday 01.03.21
at 4:00pm





Want to talk to a like-minded person about your work? Do you often question if you’re good enough? Do you sometimes think: Is it just me?

Event description: 

Working in conservation brings up lots and lots of questions. At Icon we believe sharing them with others might just give you a lead to answers and inspire new ways of working.

Our 'Business in Conservation' event held on 26 January highlighted the need for more networking opportunities amongst our members – particularly for those working as sole traders or are self-employed.

So, here is a chance to get something going! Who knows where it will lead you – but why not sign up and see?

We’ve scheduled five online networking sessions where you can either start, or end, the week with a cuppa, some thoughts, and perhaps a slice of cake!