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Exhibition Tour - In Trust: Caring for Sculpture

From: Tuesday 04.12.18
at 1:30pm
To: Tuesday 04.12.18
at 2:30pm

Civic Centre, Commercial Rd, Southampton SO14 7LY


Cost: £4 - Please pre-book by calling 023 8083 4536


Event description: 

All works of art begin to change from the moment the artist has finished working on them. Factors ranging from natural ageing, unstable materials to frequent transport and handling, or vandalism mean that even newly made sculptures require some attention. A major focus of museum conservation is preventative care, aiming to minimise deterioration before remedial action becomes necessary. This can involve monitoring and controlling gallery conditions such as humidity and light and regular maintenance. Recently the storage of some of the collection’s sculptures has been improved with the addition of fitted boxes to protect them when not on display. Developments in twentieth century art have seen artists employ new and varied materials or incorporate found objects into their work.

Join Derek Pullen (Director of SculpCons) for a tour of the conservation treatments which have been carried out on the sculptures displayed in In Trust: Caring for Sculpture.