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Historic England Webinar - Climate change

From: Wednesday 10.07.19
at 12:00pm
To: Wednesday 10.07.19
at 1:00pm




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Meredith Wiggins, Senior Environmental Analyst will be joined by Dr Hannah Fluck, Head of Environmental Research of Historic England. Through this webinar they will revisit Meredith's talk at #Icon19 discussing the Historic England's work on climate change and heritage. 

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The historic environment provides one of humankind’s most potent symbols of resilience. Landscapes that have been familiar to generations, monuments that stand the test of time and intangible values that bind communities are enduring perceptions of heritage. However, things are changing.

Climate change is affecting not only the landscapes, monuments and values we are trying to conserve; it is fundamentally altering what heritage is being preserved for future generations. Historic England, the UK Government’s expert advisor on the historic environment has been working for more than a decade on trying to understand the risks and opportunities that climate change presents for heritage in England, but now our tactics are evolving. Rapid environmental changes need different approaches to conservation, and rising temperatures and sea levels require novel methods.

To that end, we’ve been working on cutting edge projects to help make decisions at the coast, integrate heritage into environmental thinking and use historic buildings to address worldwide carbon targets. More than that, we’ve banded together with colleagues all over the world to share best practice, support inevitable loss, and promote the role heritage can play in a sustainable future.


Meredith Wiggins & Hannah Fluck