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From: Wednesday 03.05.17
at 9:00am
To: Friday 05.05.17
at 5:00pm

IADA International Symposium – 3-Day Event

From Generation to Generation – Sharing Knowledge, Connecting People


Oslo, Norway

In 2017, it will be 60 years since the founding of IADA (International Association of Book and Paper Conservators).  

In 60 years, much has changed in the field. New technologies have been established and augmented traditional techniques. Since it is paramount for all to stay up to date, IADA will make sharing and preserving everything from the latest advances to the history of conservation the key topic at this symposium. 

Topics include:

  • Old and new techniques, past and current practices: their use, reinvention or adaptation
  • Education: how did education change over the years? What is the importance of an older generation in new programmes and in the function of internships?
  • Publishing: the role of publishing in the book and paper conservation world, how it is perceived/valued (or not) by other actors in the field and how it evolved over the years
  • Master-Apprentice: the relationship between master and apprentice now and then, the projects undertaken in collaboration or as teaching experiences
  • Meeting places for book and paper conservators (conferences, new platforms, forums, Facebook pages, mailing lists…): where generations meet (or don’t meet) and creating new platforms to exchange
  • Preserving knowledge: conducting interviews with former conservators, sharing their knowledge and experience, identifying the different schools of theory and practice across generations and countries and the milestones of our profession

Image: Olso, Public Domain