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Call for Papers


Icon is inviting contributions from one and all for the 4th international triennial conference: New Perspectives: Contemporary Conservation Thinking and Practice which will explore the latest research, practical applications and innovative thinking across the sector. Get up to date at #Icon19!

Discussions and debates relating to progression, challenges and barriers in the conservation field are also encouraged from the conservation sector and wider professional sectors.

Abstracts are invited from one and all - submit below!

Submission Criteria:

  • Abstract submission deadline: 31st October 2018.
  • Word max: 250 words
  • Language: All abstracts and information must be submitted in English.
  • Length: Plenary and Group sessions should aim to be 20 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions at the end of each talk.

Assessment Criteria (PDF)


Sky's the limit! - but preference will be given to papers that address at least one of the following topics

  • Conservation science informing practical solutions
  • Collaborations outside the heritage sector informing conservation solutions
  • Theoretical approaches in current conservation practice
  • Application and refinement of published treatments
  • Scientific research supporting regional and national heritage collections
  • Failed treatments and lessons learned informing current conservation practice
  • Updates on traditional treatments and methods
  • The evolution and role of new technologies
  • New materials: new treatment strategies
  • Taking samples: justified means of understanding and resolving practical issues
  • Outdoor surfaces and treatments
  • Nanotechnology and conservation
  • Conservation of modern design processes
  • Perspectives on conserving the intended 'look', 'surface', 'structure', ‘purpose’
  • Dealing with complex installations with multi-media components
  • Having it large: monumental treatments
  • Treating multi-layered structures/surfaces
  • The realm of digital craft and smart technology informing conservation thinking and practice

Extended themes for relevant, strategic and sustainable conservation thinking in the 21st century:

  • Relevant leadership skills in conservation for a sustainable, predominant and effective presence in the wider cultural and creative sectors and beyond
  • Developing new platforms and support mechanisms for ambitious conservators with innovative ideas and leadership skills
  • Strategic partnerships and campaigns working in conservation
  • Promoting conservation to heritage/cultural leaders, directors and policy-makers
  • Connectivity: challenges in connecting to relevant sectors, building collaborations and increasing significance and awareness of conservation to the wider environment
  • Challenges in supporting and leading diversity and socio-economic groups in the conservation sector
  • Relevance of grassroots thinking towards a progressive conservation movement
  • Sustainability of the profession: conserving the conservation role
  • Keeping up with societal cultural consumption: barriers in connecting conservation to the wider social, economic and political environment
  • Developing accessible career pathways for newcomers to conservation
  • Contemporary skills required for the contemporary conservation practitioner
  • The role and responsibilities of the next generation of conservation thinkers and practitioners, and identifying barriers between them and the current heritage and cultural environments
  • Evolving conservation teaching, training and apprenticeships: combating barriers in diversifying entry routes into conservation training/educational systems
  • Widening social representation: strengthening the ‘personality’ and ‘voice’ of the conservation sector and the value of different perspectives





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