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Guidelines for Speakers at #Icon19

If you're a speaker at #Icon19, congratulations! Here's everything you need to know to make your presentation a hit in what promises to be our best conference yet.

Presentation Length and Session Format

Each paper is allocated a twenty minute slot.  All sessions thus consist of three twenty-minute papers, followed by twenty minutes for questions at the end of each session. 

All sessions have the same start and end time.  These timings will be strictly adhered to by the session Chairs.

Breaks occur every two sessions (excepting Plenary sessions). Please refer to the Conference Programme Guide for full details.


PowerPoint presentations

It's easy this year - simply bring it with you!

Please bring your PowerPoint presentation with you on a memory stick.  When ready to present, insert the memory stick into the USB slot of the session room laptop.  There will be no collection of Powerpoint presentations in advance, although you are welcome to load your Powerpoint on to the laptop in the relevant session room ahead of your presentation if you wish.


Internet Access

Wi-fi is available throughout Belfast Waterfront, and will indeed be available during the presentation should speakers wish to link to online video sources in their presentations.

The venue Wi-fi name is ICC Belfast Waterfront; it is easily accessed by a simple email registration and has no promotional follow-ups.


Preferred Aspect Ratio

The preferred aspect ratio is 16:9.While most video files and presentations can be supported at this ration, if your format does not accord with these guidelines please forward an example to Icon’s confernece team in advance, so they can ensure it an be accommodated. If you have video or other special files, please make yourself known to ICC Waterfront staff who can ensure that your video or special files are correctly formatted for venue systems.


Files and Formats

MICROSOFT POWERPOINT. Powerpoint 2003 – 2013 files. 16:9 aspect ratio presentations. Embedded video for Powerpoint 2013/365. Video files as either Quicktime friendly mp4 H.264 codec or WMV for earlier Powerpoint versions. Files must come in a folder also containing said video files with correct linking to presentation. All text content should be inside title-safe guides (approx. 20 pixels inside slide edge).

STAND ALONE VIDEO FILES. MP4, AVI or MKV container of H.264 or XVid codec. Aspect ratio of 16:9 with advised minimum resolution of 1280 x 720. Suggested bandwidth between 3Mb/sec – 7Mb/sec. Specially prepared files should include a start and end one second silent black slug. All text content should be inside title-safe guides (approx. 20 pixels inside image edge).


For further information, contact our Events and Administration Officer Joey Charisi at




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