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What's on at #Icon19

With such a diversity of activity – bookended by major events both before and after the conference sessions – there’s never been more opportunities to network and have fun!  

And since your 2019 summer holiday begins with #Icon19, we’ve also worked out some opportunities for your friends and family to join us midway through the event – and to keep them amused while you’re in the second day of the conference sessions*! 

You’ll be able to mix and match from the sessions below. Look out for further details on all the excitement as they become available! 

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*Subject to change 

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Tuesday, 11th June 2019
  • International Delegates Welcoming Reception

Coming from overseas, continental Europe or Asia? So are many others! A full 20% of Icon’s membership is based abroad – and if previous conferences are anything to go by, if you’re coming a long way to join us in Belfast you certainly won’t be the only one. We hope you’ll stay for the full range of events we have to offer. Please join us the night before it all gets started meet some of your fellow overseas delegates and get into the #Icon19 spirit after your long journey! Look out for further details in due course.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019
  • Parallel-track tours of the local conservation scene 

Belfast has a long history and a thriving conservation sector.  Our parallel track-tours on Wednesday will take in the local scene and give us the chance to visit many of our Northern Ireland colleagues.  We’ll be visiting prominent local landmarks and checking out some local conservation studios along with local museum stores.

  • Conference Opening Reception, Ulster Museum

A smart-casual event to officially launch #Icon19 once we’re all together the night before the sessions actually begin.  Come along to the grand Atrium space at Ulster Museum in Belfast for a glass of wine, some canapes and a chance to meet some of the movers and shakers we have invited to join us.   It’s a great opportunity to see who else is about and make new connections to take you through the rest of the proceedings and beyond!

Thursday, 13th June 2019
  • Conference Sessions Day 1, Belfast Waterfront

On our first day, plenary sessions will bring us all together for our keynote speakers and some papers to spark overarching discussion.  Following this, we’ll break into seven parallel sessions diving into and across the specialisms to hear all about the latest approaches in our specialisms, methods and professional practice approaches – with a keen eye towards harnessing the benefits of the latest research, and creative approaches to cross-specialist methods in conservation.

  • Icon’s Formal Triennial Dinner, Belfast City Hall

Bring your friends or family!

We’re only all together every three years, so our formal Triennial Dinner is set to be a glamourous event not to be missed.  Enjoy the chance to experience the ornate Edwardian splendour of Belfast City Hall – and to sparkle in your best outfit while you ascend the grand staircase to the Great Hall for dinner, an area usually off-limits to the public.  

Our sit-down conference dinner will feature a three-course meal and a cash bar.  It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate the maturity of our profession – and to introduce any friends or family to your favourite colleagues and conference mates.  

Make sure you’re seen at our Triennial Dinner! 

Friday, 14th June 2019
  • Conference Sessions Day 2, Belfast Waterfront 

On the second day, we’ll continue our discussions across seven parallel sessions diving into and across the specialisms, looking at the latest developments and approaches to cross-specialist benefits that our integrated disciplines can bring.  Towards the end, we’ll reconvene in our plenary sessions to hear our showstopping closing keynote speakers and sector leaders.

  • Local tours for friends and family (parallel to Conference Sessions Day 2)

Your holiday begins with Icon19 – so the day after your friends and family join us at our Triennial Dinner, we’ve arranged a day of local tours for them while you’re in the second day of conference sessions! 

  • Steam Jazz Night, aboard a steam train heading to Whitehead Railway Museum 

Friends and family welcome!!

After the crescendo of our final plenary sessions has subsided, it’s time to relax and have fun! Join us as we all board a steam train for a mighty chug along Belfast’s railway network – featuring a picnic meal and a cash bar – with our resident jazz band aboard! We’ll have plenty of opportunities to get out and dance along the way, before we reach our destination – Whitehead Railway Museum for a guided tour.

Saturday, 15th June 2019
  • Parallel-track tours to regional points of interest 

We certainly don’t want to miss anything while we’re over – so we’ll finish our conference proceedings in style!! This will include the chance for a refreshing look at some regional points of interest such as Giant’s Causeway, and some of the many other attractions Belfast has to offer.




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