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Icon19 sponsor: Conservation By Design

Why are Conservation By Design (CXD) Champion sponsor of Icon's conference in Belfast 2019?

cxd_intl_brand_mono_medium.pngOver the past year we have put in place our new strategy and planning and we feel #Icon19 is an ideal opportunity to share our future vision with as many of our existing and potential new customers as possible. As part of that, we see this as a great opportunity to engage one on one with people looking for relevant product and service solutions. 

aditi_ma_student_ucl_working_on_our_product_testing-1.jpgAditi, MA student UCL working on our product testing.

Behind the scenes, with University College London, we have been working hard to set two projects in motion to progress some longstanding research questions such as ‘what is the ultimate box for archive collections?’ and ‘does box design make a difference to how it protects its contents from external factors’. Firstly, CXD now fund a PhD student to carry out this research. The second interesting project is to independently test our products through a MA student scholarship, this we will repeat for the coming years. There will be an opportunity to hear more about both of these developments during the conference in a variety of ways.​

We are living through challenging times. Protecting our cultural heritage and the environment, whilst making sound commercial decisions are high on both our agendas. We all need to work together to make greater strides to achieve these aims, or at least understand them better. Being central at the Icon Conference Belfast 2019 gives us the best opportunity to be part of that important exchange.

david_responsible_for_the_new_website_and_ongoing_technological_advancements-1.jpgDavid, responsible for the new website and ongoing technological advancements

It’s important to us we learn about our customers, so we will be attending many of the talks and posters whilst promoting our products at the lively trade fair. We look forward to spending time with you and hearing about the projects and challenges you face.

Our plan is to deliver product information to wider audiences in many languages, and to get those products to you more quickly. With this in mind we have invested heavily in technology and improvements in our customer service. We will share what we have been working on with you in Belfast and hope in the meantime you continue to see and feel the benefits of those changes in the coming months.

For us the hard work starts now. We are getting ready to ensure we make an informative and exciting contribution to the Icon Conference Belfast 2019. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 



Lesley, probably most well known for her extensive knowledge of what we have to offer


Onno and Fujie, Japan, one of our international offices


​​Linda, responsible for getting your goods to you on time


UCL and CXD team welcoming Aditi to the Bedford offices




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