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Icon Environmental Sustainability Network meeting: Q&A session on Sustainability in Conservation

Icon Environmental Sustainability Network

From: Wednesday 25.11.20
at 3:00pm
To: Wednesday 25.11.20
at 4:00pm





Q&A session on Sustainability in Conservation with Icon member, Melissa Lewis ACR

Event description: 

In this session, led by Icon member, Melissa Lewis ACR we will cover:

  • Recycling and remanufacture in the conservation studio, using the principles of the circular economy.

Melissa will discuss her research so far in paper conservation and ask what strategies you are prepared to put in place to keep materials in the system. She will discuss the hurdles and how to get over them.

  • Understanding green solvents​.

Melissa will discuss her research into sustainable/healthy solvents in paper conservation and extend the discussion to looking at how to move to ‘greener’ solvents in all areas of conservation.

  • Q&A​: We will conclude with a dialogue examining your experiences and requirements/criteria for a greener solvent cabinet and healthier ways of working.


Melissa Lewis ACR