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ICON Scotland: Consolidation with Nanolimes & Digital Conservation Mapping

ICON Scotland Group

From: Thursday 05.09.19
at 9:30am
To: Thursday 05.09.19
at 4:30pm

Stirling Castle - Green Room

Castle Esplanade




£25 Full day

£30 Full day Public

£15 Nanolime Seminar

£20 Nanolime Seminar -Public

£15 Digital Mapping

£20 Digital Mapping Public

£15 Student - Full Day

£10 Student - Nanolime Seminar

£10 Student - Digital Mapping Seminar


ICON Scotland are delighted to welcome experts from Germany to Scotland for a unique 2-part conservation seminar inside the stunning setting of Stirling Castle.

Event description: 

9.30 - 12.30 IBZ Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG (Prof. Dr. Gerald Ziegenbalg & Dr Claudia Dietze): Nanolime for the consolidation of stone, mortar, plaster and wall paintings

The workshop is divided into 4 topics. The first two parts deal with the basic properties and characterization of nanolime (CaLoSiL) and the carbonisation process. In addition to application notes, strategies are also discussed to avoid remaining white haze. In the third part the combination of nanolime and silicic acid ester is discussed. This is followed by various application examples for the consolidation of stone, plaster, mortar and wall paintings as well as special application areas like anti moulding agent, realkalization of concrete, bone and wood conservation etc.. Finally the possibility of modifying injection grouts and repair mortars, slurries and fillers is discussed.


13.30 - 16.30 fokus GmbH (Gunnar Siedler): Digital Image Rectification and Mapping with metigo MAP Software

Metigo MAP is used for image rectification and digital mapping for conservation projects and 3-dimensional object documentation. Conservators in almost any speciality can benefit from the ability to produce accurate maps of two or three-dimensional objects. Areas of damage, treatment, or sampling can be precisely described and located.

This course offers an introduction to true-to-scale mapping based on rectified digital images. Basics of digital image rectification, building of mapping projects, design of legends and text fields, and the use of drawing tools will be taught.

The training uses real life examples and each participant should bring a laptop computer able to run Microsoft Windows, with a display resolution of at least 1024x768. A trial license for the software metigo MAP will be provided to all participants for the training free of charge.


Early booking is recommended as the workshops are limited to 20 participants!