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Icon Twitter Conference 2019

After the roaring success of Icon’s first Twitter Conference in 2017, #IconTC is poised to return on December 4th from 9:00 am GMT!

Icon’s Twitter Conference aims to provide an inclusive platform for conservators and the public to share conservation projects from around the world. It’s a perfect opportunity for participants from all over te world as it’s free and no travel is required to contribute and interact!

Like a normal conference, each ‘speaker’ will get a 15 minute slot allocated to showcase their conservation paper through a series of tweets. There are no limitations on themes so anyone in conservation can contribute; papers could be about a great treatment, a small but effective new technique, new innovations in technology, exhibition work, great public engagement or examples of successful collaboration. No project is too big or too small for this conference!

Once the call for papers has closed and papers chosen, a timetable of speakers and their twitter handles will be made available from 29 November 2019.

Speaker table

The full list of our speakers on December 4 is out now! Download it here to find out more about the speakers, their papers, their timeslots and their Twitter handles.

Please note that all times are in GMT, London time.

For any enquiries, contact


Speakers Guidance

  • You must have a Twitter handle/account, this can be a personal or organisational account.
  • Presentations are allowed a minimum of 6 tweets and maximum of 12 tweets (each tweet is 280 characters)
  • Every tweet must start with the hashtag #IconTC and be numbered in the correct order (i.e 1 #IconTC, 2 #IconTC etc)
  • Your tweets should start with an introductory tweet, then have 4-10 "body" tweets and then end with a summary tweet
  • The speaker is responsible for ensuring they have the correct copyright and permissions for the material to be placed on Twitter.
  • Speakers can include any kind of media in their tweets, from images to GIFS (as long as they are suitable for a global audience). Get creative! The strict character limit forces you to be creative with how you present your work.
  • You will be given a time slot in which to tweet your research based on your geographic location. Ensure you give us your time zone information when you send in the abstract.
  • Discussion and questions are encouraged. When asking a question, please direct your tweet to the individual using their handle and use the hashtag #IconTC
  • For reference, you can find the top tweets from our 2017 #IconTC here:  
  • The language of the conference in English.


On the day

  • Draft your tweets ahead of time in order to avoid issues during the event. Make sure your account is not private and your tweets are not protected, otherwise we will be unable to see them. Follow the event with hashtag #IconTW and keep up to date by following @Conservators_uk 
  • Our advice is to tweet one per minute or similar, which will then allow some time for questions or comments. There will be plenty of time after you have completed your 15mins for more questions/comments so don’t worry if you are unable to answer them all in your allocated time.
  • Link all of the tweets together by replying to each one in order. This will create a Twitter thread that people can more easily follow.
  • Please note, postings will be curated on the Icon website after the conference.


Timetable 2019

  • 31 October - Call for speakers
  • 18 November - Call for speakers ends
  • 22 November - Speakers informed of slot
  • 29 November - Timetable uploaded for the conference
  • 4 December - Twitter conference takes place

Conference committee


Conference committee

Pieta Greaves


I am a freelance conservator and director of Drakon Heritage and Conservation (@DrakonHeritage). My specialism is the conservation of museum and archaeological objects and have considerable field experience in both conservation and archaeology, working in the UK and abroad. As the main instigator of this conference I hope that people will contribute and interact across the conservation disciplines for a successful conference.  

Cynthia Inesta


Michael Nelles


What is a Twitter Conference?

A Twitter conference is a social media event that occurs from the comfort of your living room!! (or wherever you might be currently seated). This event is meant to bring together conservators from around the world in an online setting to encourage communication and collaboration, particularly when costs of travel are currently high.

How do you participate in a Twitter Conference?

All you need is a Twitter account and handle (e.g. @conservators_uk). You can obtain one of these very easily at After getting a twitter profile, you only need to search for the hashtag #IconTC to see all posts that are related to the conference. If you are interested in “spectating only”, you can set up a twitter account and follow #IconTC here.

How much time am I expected to spend on this if I participate?

After the sign-up closes, papers selected will be allocated a 15 minute time slot in which you are required to present your 6-12 tweets in. These will be allocated in relation to your local timezone, so it is vital that you provide this information accurately. We do strongly encourage people to meet and interact during the conference. It is especially vital that you will be available during your presentation time slot to present and then to answer potential questions you might receive, indeed just like at a real conference.

If you are unable to be present during your allocated time slot, you can schedule your tweets (using services such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or Buffer), so that they get posted automatically without you having to be online.

But what if I don't know how to use Twitter?

There are many guides on how to use Twitter online, you could start with this video to help you get started: