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Making Heritage Science Data FAIR and Impactful

NHSF, & ICON-Heritage Science Group

From: Monday 11.02.19
at 10:00am
To: Monday 11.02.19
at 6:30pm

University College London Here East Stratford Campus, London E20 3BS


Free to attend with lunch included

Spaces: 80


The Making Heritage Science Data FAIR and Impactful seminar.

Event description: 

All those engaged in Heritage Science collect a wide range of different types of data on cultural heritage, about objects, buildings and landscapes and the people who value and use them, with a particular focus on understanding change over time and to inform future management. This data is increasingly ‘born digital’ and is being used to support ‘big data’ projects for the benefit of the historic environment. This seminar will explore how the FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) can be applied to heritage data, and debate the infrastructure required to maximise the public value and impact of the data created as part of heritage science practice. It will seek answers to four questions:

What is heritage science data?
How do we go about collecting, managing and storing the data we collect so that can be used by others, both now and in the future?
How and why should we disseminate heritage science data?
What is the role of heritage science data in making the economic case for cultural heritage? 

The day will include a range of invited speakers, panel discussion, poster session and a tour of the new Heritage Imaging Lab.

Additional information: 
Closing date for bookings on Eventbrite: February 6th 2019