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Museum and Gallery Lighting: Theory and Practice

From: Monday 13.11.17
at 9:00am
To: Monday 13.11.17
at 5:00pm

1 Queen street



This one-day introductory/refresher course offered by IAP and National Galleries of Scotland will be held at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. It is aimed at curators, conservators, technicians and other interested parties.


Event description: 

Through a mixture of short presentations and discussions, it will explore how, in everyday practice, the need for light to appreciate objects can be balanced with the potential damage light can cause to some exhibits.

The day will begin with an introduction to the basics of light and colour, looking at how we see objects and how the type of light and the level of light affects what we see before moving on to examine the potential damage caused by light and the extent to which different materials suffer from light-damage.

The next focus will be on the levels of light needed for different types of objects, contexts or viewers and the effect our lighting decisions have on the ‘lifetime’ of objects.

The practicalities of lighting objects to balance conservation and visibility will be explored, looking at choices of light source, filtration, light control methods and monitoring.

The development of lighting policies and guidelines within the context of preventive conservation and other institutional policies and practice will also be discussed.