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Natural History Science Field Seminars

From: Sunday 11.08.19
at 9:00am
To: Saturday 17.08.19
at 6:00pm

Eagle Hill Institute, PO Box 9, 59 Eagle Hill Road, Steuben, ME 04680


Registration cost: $545.00

Students receive a 20% discount with a faculty letter of recommendation.


2019 Eagle Hill Natural History Science Field Seminars ... on the Coast of Maine, just east of Acadia National Par

Event description: 

Maine’s rocky shorelines and inland outcroppings are rich with diverse lichen and biofilm covers.  Buildings made with granite from local quarries host lichens and biofilms, as do grave markers of granite, marble, slate, and sandstone from other New England states and foreign countries.  In this seminar, we will study the physical, chemical, ecological, and aesthetic relationships between lichens, biofilms, and stone. Lectures will cover basic lichen morphology and species identification; biofilm morphology; the role of lichens and biofilms in the environment; basic geology; the history of stone quarrying, finishing, and construction; and the history and contemporary practices of stone preservation.  Field trips are planned for forest and shore environments, a granite quarry, a gravel pit, and several cemeteries. We will examine and identify lichens, biofilms, and stones in the field and in the laboratory.  The interactions between lichens and biofilms, and to what extent lichens and biofilms protect or harm stone surfaces from weathering, will be discussed.  As a class project, participants will compile a checklist of the lichen species found during field trips. We expect participants to represent a wide variety of disciplines and avocations.

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