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Paintings Group Online Talk: Back Stage in The Lee Miller Archives at Farleys House

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From: Tuesday 15.09.20
at 7:00pm
To: Tuesday 15.09.20
at 8:00pm



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Online talk by Antony Penrose and Ami Bouhassane of Farleys House and Gallery

Event description: 

Antony Penrose and Ami Bouhassane are Roland Penrose and Lee Miller’s son and granddaughter. Roland was a Surrealist artist, Picasso’s biographer, an art collector and co-founder of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, in London’s Mall. Lee Miller was an American surrealist photographer and wartime photojournalist among other things. Farley Farm was their home in East Sussex where they lived when not in London. There they entertained house guests, such as Picasso or Joan Miró.

Antony recalls it was a wonderful place to grow up. But while his father’s art collection was very evident, he had no idea at all about his mother’s life or career prior to his own birth, a career that was truly extraordinary. Only after her death in 1977 were the boxes of her photographs and negatives discovered in the loft.

With that discovery came his re-evaluation of his mother, gradually over time, as the parent he had known had been badly affected by PTSD. Antony has said that he turned his parents into a cottage industry – but that is far too modest a description.  He and his family set up the Lee Miller Archives that now sends loans and headline exhibitions all over the world. The family home, Farleys House, known as the home of the Surrealists, is open to the public as a small Historic artists House.

Tonight, Antony and his daughter Ami, who is co-director of Farleys House and Gallery, are going to tell us how all this was achieved.

This is the third of our highly successful zoom evening talks and from this time we are asking for a small contribution so we can continue running these evenings in the future. However, this time we are also donating to Farleys House and Gallery, to help them continue to run and finance their conservation program.