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Reseach Seminar: Nanolime for the consolidation of limestone museum objects

Stone and Wall Painting

From: Thursday 21.01.21
at 9:45am
To: Thursday 21.01.21
at 12:00pm

The British Museum, 57 High Holborn, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG, UK


FREE (Tickets available soon)

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Reserach seminar presenting an ongoing collaborative research project between the British Museum and the University of Sheffield Hallam. The project focuses on the consolidation of limestone objects with calcium hydroxide nanoparticle (nanolime) using an innovative conservation treatment tailored for museum applications.

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The seminar will discuss the effectiveness of consolidation treatments using nanolime commercial dispersions (such as CalosiL® and Nanoretore®). These treatments can be affected by two main problems: the lack of in-depth mass consolidation for limestones with low porosity (i.e 20%<) and the formation of white haze over the surface treated.

The project looks at improving performance features of nanolime such as: increasing the penetrability and the carbonation rate/yield and reducing the evaporation rate of the dispersion, to ensure both the efficiency and reliability of the treatment. 

To realise this research project, experiments compared the response of different types of limestone samples to the applied nanolime-based treatment. Laboratory experiments analysed the impact of six parameters (concentration of nanolime dispersion, solvent properties, application methodology, environmental context, stone condition and properties) known to affect the treatment performance. 

To assess the treatment, destructive and non-destructive techniques have been used to analyse change in: chromatic variation (spectrophotometry), porosity and permeability of substrate (Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry and Contact Angle Measurement), internal cohesion, strength and hardness of consolidated matrix (Peeling Test, Drilling Resistance Measurement System, Scratch Hardness Resistance). To finish, the in-depth deposition of nanolime and carbonation process will be assessed using Phenolphthalein, X-Ray Diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Event info (IMPORTANT)

Meet at the Information Desk at the main entrance into The British Museum at 09:45. 

For security reasons those attending the event must have there details registered with British Museum prior to event. You will be contacted for your name, address and contact details (phone or email) as well as any institutional or academic affiliation after you have registered for a ticket. The meeting point for the seminar will be the Information Desk by the main entrance to the BM. There you will be met by a member of staff.  

Tickets available soon


Cyril Maucourant