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From: Monday 24.04.17
at 10:00am
To: Wednesday 26.04.17
at 5:00pm

Taxidermy Conservation Course


Boston Castle, Rotheram, (Sheffield) S60 2BD

Simon Moore, Conservator of Natural Sciences, is running a taxidermy conservation course 

Likely projects include:

  • Cleaning fur and feather. 
  • Replacing unsuitable/missing glass eyes. 
  • Dressing/rehydrating dried areas of skin and other keratins, including claws, beaks. 
  • Treating rusted armatures. 
  • Dealing with fat-burnt areas. 
  • Dealing with pest-damaged areas. 
  • Transplanting fur swatches. 
  • Straightening bent feathers, repairing broken/damaged feathers.
  • Replacing damaged armature parts.
  • Cases (if available) and you are permitted to bring your own (not too large please!). 
  • Opening cases that are sealed with tapes and/or framing beads. 
  • Repairing case backs that have shrunk and split. 
  • Applications for Japanese tissues in repair and (some) restoration of taxidermy specimens.

Please bring with you if possible: lab coat, digital/phone camera, small hair-dryer, dissection instruments (including an old toothbrush) and artist paintbrushes.  These will be provided for use but if you can bring some it will be most helpful.

** Please note that lunches are not provided and you will have to buy these yourself or bring your own.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.

For more information please contact Simon Moore

Simon Moore MIScT, FLS, RScI, ACR

Conservator of Natural Sciences.


Lead Image: Echidna -  Simon Moore