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The Business of Conservation

From: Tuesday 26.01.21
at 1:00pm
To: Tuesday 26.01.21
at 3:00pm




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The Business of Conservation: A Discussion on the importance of support for the independent conservation business owner

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Are you a conservator in business?
Perhaps you are thinking of starting your own conservation business?
Maybe you wish you had more support and direction in creating that business?

Well, there has never been a more important time to ensure that your business is thriving and growing and that you are in the best place to make that happen.

Here at Icon, we have often heard independent conservators in business telling us that they would love more support for them as business owners and that some members are looking to set up a business want some direction on how.

We know you have the technical skills to deliver professional results, but we often hear you say that you need a different kind of support – one that means that you can thrive in your business, growing and learning and delivering in ways that make you stand out and enjoy what you do.

Because of this, we want to create a training programme that would support these needs, both for those in business and those looking at it as the next career move option.  We need you to tell us what is most important for you to develop your ideas further.  

So, we have decided to run a discussion class to understand what it is you really need to know about business practice and tell us what you think, what you need and any ideas you have that would help you thrive. We have our ideas from what people have said over time, but we want to hear from you!

Join us on 26th January at 1pm for this informal meeting of minds to help us understand what should be top of our list. It will be presented by Julie Hutchison of Think Be Do Leadership. Julie has become a key player in supporting conservators through the Leaders Launchpad programme, that she has been delivering since 2017 with 3 cohorts completed, 2 in progress and another planned in March/April. This programme has provided her with an understanding of conservation practice and the heritage sector in general.