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Traditional Mortars Symposium

From: Monday 10.06.19
at 9:00am
To: Wednesday 12.06.19
at 6:15pm
Wednesday 12 venue: York Minster Stoneyard

St Anthony’s Hall, Jewbury, York

York Minster Stoneyard


Cost per day £110 (£100 for BLF members)

£330 for all three days (£300 for BLF members)

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Over the last 5 years, there has been a growing awareness of the historic ubiquity of earthlime and hot mixed lime mortars and a renewed emphasis upon like-for-like repair of traditional buildings, as well as important research into the character and performance, as well as the historic precedence, of Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortars.  

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Like-for-like and compatible repair will usually require the use of earth-lime and hot mixed lime mortars. The York Symposium aims to bring together all current thinking and knowledge about traditional mortars, presenting recent research outcomes, revised heritage agency guidance and case studies from around the UK, Ireland, Spain and Canada. The speakers will be drawing upon long and more recent experience using traditional mortars for the repair and conservation of historic fabric, sharing their insights and knowledge in theory and in practice. The Symposium is intended to allow the informed specification, mixing and confident use of earth-lime and hot mixed lime mortars, as well as demonstrating their historic prevalence, usefulness and enhanced performance characteristics. It is aimed at conservation professionals and practitioners, as well as homeowners and general builders.

Monday 10 June
Venue: St Anthony’s Hall, Jewbury, York

  • Trevor Marchand, SOAS
  • Alex Gibbons, mudworker and SPAB Fellow
  • Nigel Copsey, stonemason & building conservator
  • Alison Henry, Historic England Conservation Research Team
  • Fernando Vegas & Camilla Mileto, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Roger Curtis, Historic Environment Scotland Conservation Research Team
  • Stafford Holmes, architect
  • Becky Little & Tom Morton, mudmason & architect
  • Ben Gourley earth-lime mortars in Western Canada
  • Marianne Suhr– tribute to Anthony Goode, traditional builder
  • Nigel Copsey stonemason & building conservator

Evening screening of The Architecture of Mud. Documentary directed by C Borelli. Mud masonry in the Hadhramaut Valley, Yemen

Tuesday 11 June
Venue: St Anthony’s Hall, Jewbury, York

  • Alison Henry Historic England Architectural Conservation Research Team
  • Jessica Hunnisett HES Conservation Research Team
  • Bill Revie, materials scientist , CMC Consulting
  • David Wiggins, structural engineer
  • Craig Frew, conservation surveyor
  • Richard Jordan, traditional roofer and SPAB Fellow
  • Thom Kinghorn-Evans, Coestone, West Wales
  • William Skinner, conservator Cliveden Conservation
  • Philip Scorer, stonemason & conservator, Vitruvius Conservation
  • Nick Durnan, stone conservator
  • William Napier, plasterer & surveyor
  • Eoin Madigan, stonemason and SPAB Fellow
  • Chris Pennock, stonemason, Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

Wednesday 12 June
Venue: York Minster Stoneyard
There will be tours of the scaffolding led by Minster masons where works are being carried out using locally burned magnesian lime, as well as demonstrations of mixing earth, earthlime and hot mixed lime mortars, as well as traditionally made putty lime, hot limewashes/sheltercoats and hot lime grouts. Participants will be invited to get involved and have a go.
Practitioners: Nigel Copsey; Richard Jordan; Thom Kinghorn-Evans; Phil Scorer; Will Skinner; Alex Gibbons; Eoin Madigan; Nick Durnan; Karl Mallard. Plus Bill Revie, Craig Frew, Alison Henry.

Bursaries are available for those in the early years of their conservation/lime career, those who are self-employed, and those on a low income.