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Group Governance Documents and Policies

Important guidelines to follow

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  • TOR for Groups
  • Group Chairs Forum
  • Finance Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Voting Policy
  • GDPR for Groups
  • Thank you gifts policy


TOR for Groups

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Group Chairs Forum

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  • Intro: what is it?
  • TOR for GCF
  • Forum minutes

Finance Policy

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Download: Finance Policy for Icon treasurers

Social Media Policy

The Institute of conservation (Icon) recognises and encourages the use of and participation in social media as a key communication tool for remaining active, aware and fully engaged with both our prospective and current members, as well as non-specialist supporters. We want to encourage and empower our staff and members to make effective and appropriate use of social media by providing the right tools and advice to participate in and enhance our positive social media presence. 

The policy is intended to provide an overview of the appropriate use of social media accounts representing Icon, and outlines how to clearly identify professional and personal accounts. Use of social media on behalf of Icon must comply with this and other relevant policies.

Download: Social Media Policy

Voting Policy

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GDPR for Groups

Icon’s Data Protection Policy sets out the ways in which the organisation collects, processes and stores personal data, and provides the relevant basis under the GDPR for each.

From a Groups standpoint, there should be little to worry about here – as personal data of all members is stored securely in the Icon office and is not distributed. 

The use of Eventbrite for Group events, mandated by Icon's auditors, ensures that sensitive data such as credit card numbers is handled securely and safely without the need for Group Committee members to worry about any protected information finding its way onto Committee hard drives.

Alongside this, the Iconnect system ensures that all Group Communications can be sent using up-to-the-minute information while ensuring sensitive personal details are not distributed. 

Download: Icon's Data Protection Policy

Thank you gifts policy

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