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The Icon Book & Paper Group Events and Training is dedicated to providing high-quality training

The Cooperative Training Register provides high-quality training for Continuing Professional Development and for conservators wishing to bridge skills gaps within their practice or their institutions. The Book & Paper Group Committee ring-fences a substantial proportion of its annual budget to fund training events presented by members in response to their training needs.

The Committee encourages members to register both their training proposals and requirements. There are four main benefits:

  • Trainers are provided with a realistic and reasonable fee for their skills and time
  • Members are consulted on their training needs and provided with high-quality, specialist training at a heavily subsidised rate
  • Identified training needs can be met by institutions
  • A strong focus on the increased provision of regional events

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Questions? Contact Fiona McLees. 

Videos from previous CTR lectures: 

The Use of Gels in Aqueous Conservation of Paper - Richard Wolbers

Richard Wolbers' lecture was held on Wednesday 19 June 2013 at the Wellcome Trust in London. Richard is Associate Professor, Co-ordinator of Science, and Adjunct Paintings Conservator of Delaware University, but describes himself as a punk engineer. 

His talk discusses the use of rigid gels such as agarose, gellan gum, carrageenan and pectin, as well as thickeners/emulsions, in particular xanthan gum, as carriers for water and solvents in paper conservation.

Part 1/5:

Part 2/5:

Part 3/5:

Part 4/5:

Part 5/5:


Innovations in Conservation Mounting and Framing (audio) - Hugh Phibbs

Hugh Phibbs has taught and published widely on the preservation of works on paper and other organic materials. In this lecture on Tuesday 22 October 2013, he looks at the preservation of materials in both natural and artificial environments, and explores the use of materials such as glazing, adhesives, buffers, barriers and scavengers to create tight enclosures for the display, transport and storage of paper artefacts.


The Sweet Smell of Decay - Matija Strlič

On Monday 31 March 2014, Icon Book & Paper Group introduced the first Clare Hampson Memorial Lecture, sponsored by the Clare Hampson Fund. The lecture was entitled 'The Sweet Smell of Decay', and it was delivered by Matija Strlič, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Sustainable Heritage, University College London.

The lecture was introduced by Amelia Rampton, Chair of the Co-operative Training Register.

The smell of paper is well known to visitors of historic libraries, and is undoubtedly part of the 'heritage experience'. It is composed of hundreds of chemical compounds emitted by the material as it degrades. Sadly, the faster paper degrades, the more intensive is its aroma and some volatile compounds may also lead to infectious spreading of degradation from one object to another. The lecture explores the science underlying these complex phenomena and how it could be used in conservation, and whether the scientific tools are as good as a conservator's nose.