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A very warm thank you to our stepping down members for their hard work on the Ceramics & Glass Group Committee: Helen Warren, Margot Murray, Chenya Wang and Daran Qin.

Committee members:

  • Dana Norris - Co-Chair
  • Tiago Oliveira - Co-Chair and Nigel Williams Prize Co-ordinator
  • Holly Daws - Treasurer
  • Emily Thomas - Secretary 
  • Mandy Garratt - Student Representative
  • Miriam Orsini - Publications Editor

If you would like to contact any of the committee members, please email:


Committee Member Profiles:

Dana Norris - Co-Chair​ - Term ends at 2020 AGM

Dana is co-owner of Watt and Norris Conservation, an independent conservation company based in Oxford with expertise in the conservation of ceramics, glass and enamelled metals. Her background includes a four-year BFA in Ceramic Art awarded in 2002, followed by two years conservation training in Ceramics and Related Materials graduating in 2006. She currently works part time as a PhD student in the Forensic Institute at Cranfield University researching the technology and conservation of Chinese enamels on metal. In 2012 Dana successfully completed the PACR process; she was co-opted to the CCG committee as Secretary in 2016 before being nominated for Chair in 2017. 

Tiago Oliveira - Co-Chair and Nigel Williams Prize Co-ordinator​ - Term ends at 2020 AGM

Tiago joined the committee in 2013, has been the Nigel Williams Prize coordinator since 2017. Recently he was co-opted Co-Chair. He runs a ceramics and glass conservation studio in London since 2015, TO Conservation, working closely with national and international museums, galleries, collectors and the Trade. Tiago holds and MA in Conservation studies from West Dean College where he returns regularly as a visiting lecturer since 2018. He also holds a BA (4yrs) in Art, Conservation and Restoration from the Portuguese Catholic University, then focusing on wooden sculptures and gilded altarpieces. 

Holly Daws - Treasurer​ Term ends at 2020 AGM

Holly is a ceramic conservator/restorer, working with a range of clients including Plowden and Smith, TO Conservation and Kirsten Ramsay Ceramic Restoration and Conservation. Holly achieved an MA in Conservation Studies from West Dean College in 2018. Since joining the ICON Ceramics and Glass Group committee in 2016, she has held the position of Treasurer, managing the finances for group events and conferences. 

Emily Thomas - Secretary  - Term ends at the 2021 AGM 

Emily is a ceramic conservator/restorer at Antique Conservation Ltd.  She has also worked for Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum and the British Museum. Since joining the ICON Ceramics and Glass Group committee in 2017, she has worked as an Events Coordinator, helping to develop and organise educational events and conferences for the group’s members.Emily has an MA in Conservation Studies from West Dean College (2018) and BA in Fine Art from the University of Leeds (2010). In the interim years, she worked in social media and marketing and as manager of an architectural salvage shop. 

Mandy Garratt - Student Representative - Term ends at 2021 AGM

Mandy is in her final year studying for an MSc in Conservation Practice at Cardiff University, having decided to pursue interventive conservation after achieving an MA in Preventive Conservation from Northumbria University in 2015. Mandy is currently working on her dissertation, which is assessing the environmental sustainability of conservation materials used at the National Trust to protect their historic interiors. Prior to her postgraduate studies Mandy worked for over 12 years in the financial services industry, chiefly as a Web Developer and Digital Content Editor. Mandy is passionate about ceramics, both in learning about the history of ceramics technology, and in collecting eighteenth and nineteenth century European porcelain. She is always keen to learn more about ceramics conservation and to help share ideas among students and conservation professionals, particularly by making use of social media channels.

Miriam Orsini - Publications Editor​ - Term ends at 2022 AGM

Miriam is an Objects Conservator currently working at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. She has previously worked at the British Museum in the Ceramics, Glass and Metals Conservation Section, the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Miriam holds an MSc and an MA in Conservation from the Institute for Archaeology (UCL), and a BA in Art Conservation and Restoration from the Florence Fine Art Academy L.A.B.A. For five years, Miriam has collaborated with non-profit organisation Heritage Without Borders and Cultural Heritage Without Borders delivering conservation training at various museums in Kosovo. She has also worked on archaeological excavations in Lebanon and Kazakhstan. Miriam was co-opted onto the committe in 2019.