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Getting started in Contemporary Art Conservation

Icon Contemporary Art Network with the Emerging Professionals Network

The Icon Contemporary Art Network conference scheduled for earlier this year in conjunction with the Emerging Professional Network has changed to be an online offering of three morning sessions: 18th–20th November. These sessions reflect on a range of topics and themes that aim to create discussion and debate for those working in contemporary art. There is a focus on recent treatments, approaches and strategies to the care of artworks and experiences of working within the sector all aimed at supporting or providing insight to those working in contemporary art conservation.

The conference will take place across 3 mornings 10:00-12:00pm, with each session being up to 120 minutes for presentations and questions. The sessions will be on ZOOM on the 18th, 19th and 20th November. You can sign up via our Eventbrite page



Wednesday 18th November: Training, Collaboration and Reflection

The first session is focused on training and collaboration and will be moderated by Icon-CAN committee member, Louise Lawson. The series of talks will start with an introduction from Sara Croft, to welcome everyone. The presentations are:

- Alice Craigie and Julia Nagle: What I’ve learned so far; my graduate internship at Julia Nagle Conservation Ltd, London

- Hedwig Braam: Spider in a Web: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Contemporary Art Conservation

- Loredana Mannina: Mission: conservation! Reminiscing about the unexpected landing into caring for Contemporary Art

- Carien van Aubel: Would you do it again?


Thursday 19th November: Private Practice, Treatments and Technology

The second session will pick up from the day previous with a reflection on private practice, but to then explore the technology-based artworks, and documentation. This session will be moderated by Icon-CAN committee member, Brian Castriota. The presentations are:

- Tessa Jackson and Lyndsey Morgan: Getting Started in the World of Contemporary art Conservation

- Alex Nichols: The challenges of displaying time-based media artworks

- Marie Stucci: Tears and Fears: Conservation and Contemporary Art in the Public Realm

- Valeria Duplat: Documenting contemporary art


Friday 20th November: Documentation, Reconstruction and a career in reflection

The third session will pick up from second session, with a focus on documentation and reconstruction. It will end with a reflection on a career in modern and contemporary art conservation. This session will be moderated by Icon-CAN committee member, Alice Watkins. The presentations are:

- Judith Lee: A collaborative analytical and condition survey of a multi-component plastic artwork

(Full list of authors: Angelica Bartoletti, Joyce Townsend, Bronwyn Ormsby, Alice Watkins, Vanessa Griffiths, Libby Ireland, Deborah Cane, Simoni Da Ros, Isabella Del Gaudio, Anna Pokorska, Rose King, Katherine Curran)

- Laura Wolfkamp: In the artist’s footsteps: Reconstructions as a research tool in contemporary art conservation

- Rachel Barker: Reflections on an (ongoing) career in modern and contemporary paintings conservation from past and present perspectives

Emerging Professional Network: Final thoughts