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Our activities aim to build the network and help our members to grow and progress in their careers. Our current areas of focus include:


Impact of COVID-19 on Emerging Professionals Survey

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our day to day lives and as we slowly adjust to a new ‘normal’ the effects of the global pandemic are being considered.

This survey, run by the Icon Emerging Professionals Network (EPN), aims to establish a coherent picture of the impact of Covid-19 specific to emerging conservation professionals in the UK. We understand that many of the issues facing emerging professionals are specific to those studying and entering the sector, so we wish to use this platform to identify these most pressing concerns. The data gathered will be used to consider realistic, useful, long and short term initiatives to support emerging conservators being negatively impacted by the global pandemic. The data gathered may also be used for publication purposes. All information submitted is anonymous.

(An emerging conservator is broadly considered as a conservation student or individual in the first five years of their career, however this is by no means absolute and there are no restrictions on joining the EPN.)

You can complete the survey here.


Conservation for Digitisation - a talk by Emma Skinner

On the 14th October 2020 the Icon EPN were excited to host Emma Skinner who gave a webinar about her internship: Conservation for Digitisation: A Personal Reflection on the Discipline following a Pioneering Collaborative Internship. We recorded the session which is now available to watch here! It was an inspiring talk, so if you missed it you can now watch it at your leisure.


Icon EPN Call for Projects

Got an interesting project that you'd like to share? Then please tell us about it!

The EPN would like to share and celebrate the great work carried out by our network members and are looking for contributors. This might be a project you have completed at university, work, or something you have on the go at home.

We recognise that many of you may have had your studies disrupted or find yourselves with a little more time on your hands due to the Covid-19 outbreak. So, if you would like to be featured on the Icon website and our Facebook page, please fill out this form and send it back to us at

Thank you,

The Icon EPN Team


Icon EPN Meet-Up Series

The Icon Emerging Professionals Network (EPN) is excited to announce a new series of informal events to help early career conservators meet one another and gain advice on soft skills and professional development. Each Meet-Up will be hosted by Icon EPN team members in UK cities, but we also encourage anyone to host their own Satellite Meet-Up in their hometowns! We want to get as many emerging professionals as possible together, so we can share our ideas, concerns and current work.

Keep an eye on the Icon Events page for details of upcoming Meet-Ups.

If you’re interested in hosting your own event please get in touch at, or via our Facebook page. We want to see as many Satellite Meet-Ups as possible springing up over the UK.


Complete our Survey - we want to hear from you!

In June 2019 we presented at Icon's Conference: New Perspectives: Contemporary Conservation Thinking and Practice. Through our talk we highlighted some of the challenges emerging professionals face, as well as looking at what opportunities are open to those starting their career in conservation. Much of what we discussed came from feedback given through our online survey and those of you we have spoken to, alongside our own experiences. We are always looking for feedback so if you haven't already, please complete our survey or get in touch! You can access the link below:


Useful Resources

We have put together some documents that aim to help emerging professionals with career development. As we grow as a network, we aim to add to our shared resources so please keep checking back here for any updates. And if there is anything that you think we can add to our resources, please let us know.