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Scraping Gut and Plucking Feathers:  The Deterioration and Conservation of Feather and Gut Materials
University of York, 6 October 2009 

Conference papers available for download:

  • Ellen Pearlstein and Lionel Keene - Fading behavior of red shafted flicker feathers [abstract] [presentation]
  • Hein van Grouw - The structure of feathers simple as well as brilliant [article]
  • Katrina van Grouw - First aid at the front line [article]
  • Pippa Cruickshank and Vanesssa Saiz Gomez - An early gut parka from the Arctic, its past and current treatment [article]
  • Sandra Gottsmann - A gut skin parka from the ethnographic collection of the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum [article]
  • Kate Jackson and Andrew Huges - Gut reaction. The history, treatment and display techniques of gut garments at the Pitt Rivers Museum [article]
  • Allyson Rae - Summary of Practical session [article]

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