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National Heritage Science Forum

The National Heritage Science Forum brings together the producers and users of heritage science to improve collaboration, help practitioners make better use of research, and demonstrate the public benefit of heritage science. More information can be found on the their website here.


Royal Society of Chemistry Heritage Science Expert Working Group

The aim of the Heritage Science Expert Working Group (EWG) is to promote the role and importance of analytical science in the cultural heritage sector. The group has produced a series of technical briefs that discuss specific analytical techniques needed to analyse historic materials and participate in and organisation events that promote awareness of analytical science. More information can be found on their website here.


Kit Catalog 

A database of equipment available for use by heritage researchers can be found here.  


Gold open access grant 

The National Heritage science forum award grants each year to pay for up to six papers to be published under the open access model, making the research accessible online, to everyone, immediately on publication. Details can be found on the NHSF website.


CSCS cards

Icon have created guidelines to advise conservators on how the can access the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. Detail can be found here.


HERie environmental risk modelling 

Following our guest Lecture from Roman Kozłowski in which he discussed this model please find a link here for more information about this model which allows for the quantitative assessment of risk of physical damage of cultural objects due to climate variations.