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Who is this network for?

Conservation educators, conservation students, professional conservators and colleagues from related disciplines that may be interested in conservation education/training.

Network objectives

  • To create a platform to share ideas on conservation education.
  • To enable members to discuss current challenges for conservation education and plan strategies.
  • To provide members a platform from which to discuss the needs of conservation education with practitioners.
  • To keep education in synch with the developments of the profession in different contexts.
  • To contribute to any of ICON’s strategy work that impacts education and training strategy work.

Potential areas of discussion include:

  • Current and future challenges for the conservation discipline/profession.
  • How to offer relevant training considering the broad scope of the profession.
  • Impact of incorporating new technologies in conservation training.
  • Dichotomies between cross-disciplinary and specialised training.
  • Role of undergraduate education in conservation as well as in cross-disciplines (i.e. archaeology, anthropology, art).