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Modern materials are increasingly being collected by museums and the heritage sector as artists, designers and manufacturers adopt or adapt these materials for their art and products. 

Modern materials are varied and include plastics, pigments, binders, coatings, fabrics and can also include objects that without their electronic and digital components do not function or have value.

This network is dedicated to their preservation and hopes to bring together specialist knowledge and opportunities to network for this purpose.

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Vanessa Applebaum, Conservation and Collections Care Manager, Science Museum Group 

Jannicke Langfeldt, Conservation Manager, Museum of London

Members’ liaison
Fabiana Portoni, Preventive Conservator, The British Museum 

Conference liaison 
Carla Flack ACR, Sculpture and Installation Art Conservator, Tate 

Web manager
Bhavesh Shah, Scientist (Environment), Victoria and Albert Museum 

Social media manager
Adriana Francescutto Miró, Sculpture Conservator, Victoria and Albert Museum