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Call for papers: Icon Stained Glass Group Conference 2019, 'Accommodating the Past'

Gloucester Cathedral, Friday 4th October 

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The SGG Conference 2019 will take place this autumn, in the Chapterhouse at Gloucester Cathedral.  The renowned collection of stained glass at the cathedral will provide a wonderful backdrop to this event.

Glass is a fragile medium and historic windows are likely to have been restored multiple times prior to any contemporary conservation project. During these previous restorations, many materials and techniques may have been introduced to the window (e.g. infills, cold-paints, consolidations, plating and structural changes).  The production of modern stained glass can also incorporate techniques especially prone to deterioration, such as lacquers, appliqué, etc., all of which influence our conservation methodology.   

The Stained Glass Group would be delighted to hear how the previous treatment of panels and windows has influenced your conservation approach?  Have extant techniques or materials caused damage?  Are they no longer sustainable? Have they negatively impacted the aesthetic or original iconography of a window?  Have you created new ways of working to accommodate issues from the past?  And, how have past decisions influenced your recommendations for future conservation projects?  

Papers are invited that seek to explore and examine these issues. Multi-disciplinary papers are welcomed.

Deadline for abstract submissions: Noon, Friday 2nd August 2019 

Proposals for 20-minute papers (no more than 300 words in length, including the title, email address and name of the corresponding author) should be sent together with a short CV/pen picture to the Stained Glass Group Committee at

Header image: Detail of Gloucester Cathedral's East Window; Public Domain

Main images: Interior and Exterior Views of Gloucester Cathedral; Copyright Antony Feltham-King