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About the Textile Group

The Textile Group remains one of the largest Icon groups. We have an active committee who exists to represent the Textile Group within Icon and arrange events and activities for its members. We welcome suggestions for future activities and offers from institutions willing to host a workshop, visit etc.

We'd love to share any textile conservation news, articles, blogs and content you have.  Please contact Freya Gabbutt if you would like to share anything on our website or social media.  

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Textile Group News!

New Student Rep has joined the team

Bevan O'Daly​ has completed her term on the committee - thank you Bevan for all your hard work!

We warmly welcome Kim Tourret to the committee.  Here is a copy of Kim's application:

I am very interested in taking on the role of student representative for the ICON Textile Group and would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to and further engage with the textile conservation community outside of the CTC.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the group forum in Bath earlier this year and it is clear that the events that the Textile Group organise are a key opportunity for the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge between conservators both in the UK and abroad, as well as being good fun and a chance to socialise with other conservators!  I have just finished my placement at the Museum of London and will be entering my second year at the CTC in September. I learnt so much during my first year and I would like to be able to ‘give back’ to the CTC by taking on the role of student rep.  Before undertaking the MPhil at the CTC, I worked in fashion development and production for over seven years.  This experience has provided me with organisational and communication skills that I think will be beneficial to the role of student rep.


Wholesale cosmetic sponges now available from Glocos

As announced at the Icon Textile Forum, Heather Porter has found a wholesale supplier prepared to sell sponges to conservators in smaller amounts than is usually available.  The details are as follows:

Wholesale pack = 100 white hydrophilic foam [poly(ether)urethane] wedges for £8.97 + VAT + shipping

For more details and ordering please contact Robert:

Glocos International Ltd, Fairhavens View, Unit 27a, The Street, South Walsham, Norfolk NR13 6DQ  +44 (0) 1603 270701 

Thanks to Heather for organising this.