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About the Textile Group

The Textile Group remains one of the largest Icon groups. We have an active committee who exists to represent the Textile Group within Icon and arrange events and activities for its members.  It meets four times per year, normally at the V&A Museum.  Travel expenses are reimbursed.  Membership of the Committee, which is very democratic and open to fresh ideas, can provide opportunities to connect with fellow professionals, build your profile in the field, and develop new skills. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the committee. There are usually roles available on an annual basis and positions normally last for three years.

We welcome suggestions for future activities and offers from institutions willing to host a workshop, visit etc. Please contact Freya Gabbutt if you would like to post anything on these pages. 

The Textile Group committee wish to thank all who attended the 2017 Textile Group Forum in the Assembly Rooms, Bath on the 27th March.  We hope you enjoyed the day.  Don’t forget to return your feedback forms to the committee if you have not already done so!

Many thanks go to the speakers and poster authors for such a diverse and interesting programme.  Postprints will be sent to delegates and later this year in a downloadable PDF format.


Committee's goodbyes and hellos!

Kate French (Committee Secretary) and Stella Gardner (Web Editor) have retired from the committee in April. Thank you for all your hard work!

New Committee members were announced during the AGM at the Bath Assembly Rooms Forum:

Melina Plottu: Events Co-ordinator

After a degree in art history and archaeology at Pantheon-Sorbonne University, I graduated as a textile conservator from the Institut National du Patrimoine (Paris) in 2012. Following graduation, I worked as a textile conservator at the Ethnographic Museum of Geneva and the National Museum of Monaco as well as a free-lance conservator based in Paris. In 2013, I joined the Museum of London conservation department team as textile conservator.  I have been a member of the Icon textile group for over three years now and I believe it is time for me to contribute more.  Over the past few years, I attended all the major group events and have come to understand the needs and goals of the organization. I believe I can provide good ideas for new events and venues for meetings. I am efficient and well organized, which I think is necessary for this role. But most of all, I am enthusiastic and keen to help the textile group as much as possible.

Freya Gabbutt: Social Media and Web Editor

I am a recent graduate at the Centre for Textile Conservation in Glasgow and am keen to become more involved within the textile conservation community.  I have lots of experience of social media and websites that I can apply to this role.  During university I served in a busy university union society as the committee member in charge of social media and web content.  I regularly used social media to promote the societies' events and written content.  In my spare time I use Twitter and Facebook to find conservation related articles. I would like to take a proactive approach to circulating relevant content through the Icon textile group social media outlets.  There is lots of interesting web based work going on within the field and I would like to help The Textile Group to share it.

Sarah Glenn: Secretary (previously Events Co-ordinator)

I have been a textile conservator at the V&A since 2008, and was awarded accreditation from Icon in 2015.  I have been a member of the Icon Textile Committee for almost two years and would be happy to move to the post of Secretary for the remainder of my term.  I am keen to support textile conservators on a national scale in particular provide the members of the Textile Group with interesting events, workshops and of course the annual Forum, as well as represent our members within Icon.  Being a member of the committee gives me a chance to do this and to contribute to the continued success of the group.


Wholesale cosmetic sponges now available from Glocos

As announced at the Icon Textile Forum, Heather Porter has found a wholesale supplier prepared to sell sponges to conservators in smaller amounts than is usually available.  The details are as follows:

Wholesale pack = 100 white hydrophilic foam [poly(ether)urethane] wedges for £8.97 + VAT + shipping

For more details and ordering please contact Robert:

Glocos International Ltd, Fairhavens View, Unit 27a, The Street, South Walsham, Norfolk NR13 6DQ  +44 (0) 1603 270701 

Thanks to Heather for organising this.