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Alexander Technique Workshop

2nd November 2017, 3pm-5pm

Cost: ICON Members: £25/ Non-ICON Members: £35

Location: British Library, London NW1 2DB

The Alexander Technique teaches people how to improve the way they move in order to lower tension, improve alignment of the body and avoid damaging patterns of movement. The Technique is commonly used to reduce pain in the neck, back and shoulders, to help deal with stress and to improve ability in sport and performance.

This workshop will explore the principles of the Technique with a focus on practical exercises to help attendees understand their particular patterns of movement and learn to move in a more relaxed and aligned manner. Topics will include spinal alignment, breathing, and releasing tension with "constructive rest."

These lessons will be applied to practical conservation work, which is often done with the hands and arms and can contribute to back and shoulder tension. All participants will receive one-to-one guidance from the teachers and have an opportunity to discuss their particular concerns.

Workshop participants should bring a few paperback books of different thicknesses to create an adjustable headrest, and a yoga mat.

Victoria Walsh is an Alexander Technique teacher based in London who runs a private practice and works with musicians at the Royal Academy of Music and horse riders in multiple locations around London. Assisting Victoria will be Kate Fun, also teaching the Alexander Technique in London and working as a vocal performer and teacher.

A tour of the BL conservation studio, led by Textile Conservator Liz Rose, will take place at 1.30pm, prior to the workshop.

For more details please contact Branwen Roberts.