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With an ever-growing range of digital tools , promotional outlets and other support at our disposal, sky's the limit for Group ambitions!

While Icon's 10 staff members and two consultants work a varied combination of full and part-time schedules, there's still always guaranteed to be someone available to help you. Consult the staff working days schedule to fin out how to contact us and to help you plan ahead.

We have also introduced a virtual 'suggestions box'. If you have any feedback for us, ideas to offer or stories to share then please drop us a line

What can we help you with?

Group activities and administration:

  • How do we claim expenses?
  • What needs to happen at an AGM?
  • How can we recruit new Committee members?
  • How do we organise an event or conference?
  • What if we want to publish postprints?
  • How do we contribute to Icon's Policy work?
  • What's the best way to stage remote meetings?
  • Where can we store all our Committee documents for ease of access?
  • What are our responsibilities under the GDPR?

Promoting Group events:

  • How do we send an Iconnect announcement to members?
  • How can we publish content on the Icon website?

How do we claim expenses?

Group Committee members can claim reimbursement of expenses for costs incurred in the course of their work for an Icon Group Committee, in accordance with the Reimbursement Guidelines.

Full details are set out in the Expenses Claim form, which can be downloaded from the Useful Documents section of the Icon website.  Please note you must be logged in to access this section of the page.

Once completed and authorised by your Group Chair or Treasurer, simply send the form along with associated documentation to Icon's Administration Officer.

However, Icon is also moving with the times - and soon this entire process will be automated via a web portal. Stay tuned for further details!

What needs to happen at an AGM?

An AGM can make an invigorating centrepiece to a day conference or symposium, inviting as it does comment and discussion from the wider membership.

That said, there are a number of thing that must take place at an AGM, and these are set out on pages 6-7 of the Group Management Regulations.

How can we recruit new Committee members?

Icon has explored motivation around Committee engagement through the triennial membership survey and interviews for an article that appreared in a 2018 issue of Icon News (pages 3-4).

Many members report becoming involved to learn new skills, to broaden personal and professional networks and to give something back to the profession - so with this in mind, as a first step it's a useful idea to look around at events.  Are there any regular attendees who might be interested in the chance to get involved? There can be no undersetimating the compliment of an invitation to join an Icon Committee - so worth bearing in mind!

Alongside this, there are larger ranks of Icon members who might not make it to events on such a regular basis who are nonetheless keen to get involved - particularly with today's methods of staying in touch remotely. An Iconnect announcement promoting available Committee roles is a clear given, and this can often provide a surefire way to draw interested members more closely into the fold. 

How do we organise an event or conference?

Icon Group Committees have a wealth of experience in this area, honed over many years - so there is no shortage of examples to look to!

Icon's Professional Development Team has compiled an Events Handbook, which is nearing completion, so check back soon for the finised edition!

What if we want to publish postprints?

There is often substantial demand for postprints, particularly after larger conferences and symposium - and these can often provide a worthwhile legacy for such events that can help funders to recognise the value of support for the event, either for individual delegates or as an opportunity for sponsorship.

The postprints section of the Icon website was designed as a permanent home for Group postprints, which could be uploaded in a consistent look and style.

If you're considering the provision of postprints after your event, advance planning is critical - so have a word with Icon's Digital Content Officer at the earliest opportunity to talk through your idea and discuss timescales. 

How do we contribute to Icon’s Policy work?

Icon's Policy Advisory Panel is the means by which members can contribute directly to Icon's policy and advocacy work - and we need your help!

For full details, find out more about the Policy Advisory Panel - and how you can get involved - click here.

What’s the best way to stage remote meetings?

Icon recommends Microsoft Teams as an effective platform to stage remote meetings both large and small - whether it's a segment of a Group Committee, or a meeting of Icon's Board of Trustees during a pandemic.

Microsoft Teams is free to use, and can be accessed either via a web browser or via the Microsoft Teams app.

What are our responsibilities under the GDPR?

Icon’s Data Protection Policy sets out the ways in which the organisation collects, processes and stores personal data, and provides the relevant basis under the GDPR for each.

From a Groups standpoint, there should be little to worry about here – as personal data of all members is stored securely in the Icon office and is not distributed. 

The use of Eventbrite for Group events, mandated by Icon's auditors, ensures that sensitive data such as credit card numbers is handled securely and safely without the need for Group Committee members to worry about any protected information finding its way onto Committee hard drives.

Alongside this, the Iconnect system ensures that all Group Communications can be sent using up-to-the-minute information while ensuring sensitive personal details are not distributed. 


Promoting Group Activities

How do we send an Iconnect annoucement to members?

Iconnects can be dispatched to all Icon members subscribing to a particular Group, or to the membership at large.

Prepare a brief writeup of your event in 'Word' format:

  • Date, Place, Time
  • Cost
  • Brief description/outline
  • Link to Eventbrite registration portal

Once you've got all that down, select an eye-catching image (one you've got the rights to use!) and send to Icon's Membership Officer.

Icon's Membership Officer will convert your Word document and image into a nicely-designed e-bulletin, and send it back to you for your approval. 

The Membership Officer will also liaise with you over any timing issues that might be considered to make sure your message gets through to the widest audience intended - for example, if there are already too many Iconnects in the queue that day!

How can we publish content on the Icon website?

Each group has a designated web officer who has been fully trained to access and update the Icon website, where the backend Events Template ensures that every event is uploaded into Icon's events listings in a consistent format.

If you don't know who the web officer is, consult the groups pages to find out the latest.