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Advice for Job Advertisers and Applicants

Advertising Vacancies with Icon

Advertising a job vacancy with Icon maximises exposure to conservators at large and provides targeted emails to our members who are the leading 2,600 specialist individuals in the profession. Vacancies are hosted on the Icon website, which receives an average of 40,000 hits per month, and are sent directly to our members list through our weekly Iconnect Jobs email.

To advertise a vacancy with Icon please download and complete a booking form and email the form with details of the vacancy to

The deadline for a receiving an advertisement for inclusion in the Iconnect Jobs email sent out weekly on Friday mornings is 5pm on Wednesday.

For further information please contact our Administration & Advertising Officer at or on 020 3142 6799.

Employers seeking to recruit conservators should note the following:

Icon seeks to foster recognition of the responsibility held by conservation professionals in protecting and preserving the world’s cultural heritage. The high-level skills and knowledge required for this vital role should be recognised in status and salary levels.

Icon recommends that the minimum salary for entry-level conservators should be £27,270 (updated June 2020). Icon defines entry-level conservators as people who have undergone training via a recognised conservation training course or completed work-based conservation training over a period of 5 years.

Icon will accept adverts for entry-level conservation posts that do not meet this minimum salary guideline. However, the advert will be displayed with a prominent banner stating that the job does not comply with Icon’s recommendation.

Employment of Icon Accredited members is a mark of excellence in the heritage sector. Employers are therefore encouraged to assist and support conservation staff to achieve Icon Accreditation. Achievement of Icon Accreditation should also be recognised when setting and reviewing salary levels.

Icon supports the principle of parity across heritage professionals when promoting the skills and value of conservators, curators, librarians, archivists, archaeologists and historic buildings specialists.

Applicants searching for jobs might find the following resources helpful:

The Fair Museum Jobs website also contains a wealth of useful information including links to a range of sources of advice and support.

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