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Clocks Conservation Internship

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation are offering a Clock Conservation Internship

The successful applicant will be working on live preventative and remedial conservation projects in a real work environment to enhance their professional knowledge and experience and develop their practice portfolio.  This will include working primarily within the Collections team at West Dean (historical house setting) alongside two placements – one with the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum in Bournemouth and the other at J.E Allnutt and Son in Midhurst. 
It is recognised that the successful candidate will have specific skills and development needs. As such, the internship is structured in such a way to allow accommodation around the needs  of the intern alongside that of the organisation, with a specific work plan to be agreed with the  supervisor and intern once they start on the programme.   The supervisors will ensure that ICON standards are embedded in everyday practices in order that the individual can work towards attainment of PACR accreditation.   
First 6 months at West Dean (Oct – Dec 2019): 

3 days per week within the Collections Team: 

  • Assessing West Dean’s Clocks collection and delivering a programme of preventative conservation. 
  • Assisting with the process for the intake of historic objects to the workshops, including object handling, transportation and client liaison. 

 2 days per week within the Clocks workshops: 

  • Completing a remedial conservation project on an item from the West Dean collection. 

Jan – March 2020 
Placement within the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum: 

  • Intern to complete a conservation project on a particular item.  This is likely to be a clock, which requires rehoming to its original position in the house.  This process will include deinstallation, transportations to the workshop, conservations treatments, reinstallation and interpretations for visitors.   

April – June 2020 

  • 3 days per week in the Collections Team (following on the assessment and intake of historical objects). 
  • 1 day per week in the clocks workshop. 
  • 1 day per week at J.E Allnutt and Son in Midhurst, gaining experience in a commercial clocks workshop. 

The internship programme is open to any graduate from any accredited clocks, making and/or clock conservation programme at Level 5 or above.  

To apply for this position, please submit a detailed CV and covering letter to Rachel Turnbull, HR Officer (Education)
Tel: 01243818276 

For further information, please see the below attached Internship description

With generous support from the Clothworkers’ Foundation


Clocks Conservation Internship Document