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Icon Internship in Care of Collections & Historic interiors

This internship is hosted by the National Trust for Scotland, supported by the Trust’s Bute Memorial Fund and managed in partnership with Icon.

Aims of the internship

The internship aims to provide a recent graduate of a conservation or collections ca­­­re course with a year’s experience in aspects of the care of collections within the historic interiors of the Trust’s properties. Working under the supervision of the Trust’s Conservators it offers an opportunity to gain additional knowledge and develop practical skills, building on the theory and experience of the interns formal training course, that will benefit them in future career paths.

As the internship is considered to be a two-way beneficial process, the intern is encouraged to share their current knowledge in collections care with staff in order to achieve high levels of collections care at the Trust.


  • The internship will provide a working environment where they can assist in dealing with a wide range of conservation and collections care issues relating to the preventative and remedial conservation of collections and interiors in a historic building environment.
  • The internship will allow for the intern to assist with preparing collections for opening properties; closed since March 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • The intern will assist with gathering information on the condition of collections in selected Trust properties and assimilate findings to determine conservation priorities.
  • The intern will be involved in 2021 Trust projects for properties.
  • The intern may have the opportunity to work with a contract conservator on site or at their studio. Note this is conditional on current covid-19 regulations and specialism of the conservator undertaking the work
  • The intern will have the opportunity to be involved with the Trust’s delivery plans to further embed and raise standards at Trust properties, through the work planned on collections care audits and conservation performance indicators.
  • The intern will assist with content and delivery of conservation training event; virtual or live, for Trust staff and volunteers.

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